Don't get  left behind in the Digital  world.  Customer support & Customer relationship managment (CRM ) cloud software can help automate -Customer Service , Marketing and Sales using AI to Help .  

Benefits of Business Automation

Customer  Support  Automation 

Self  service  features  for  routine free up support agent time.   Self service  can  work together  with 1 to 1  agent contact to deliver overall better service .

1) Chatbots -  self service feature  to  respond to  routine  queries.  During and after  work hours. 

2)  Knowledge  base articles -  self service  feature  to  respond to routine queries.  During and after  work hours.

3)  Auto  assignment to divert  queries  to the right  support agents.

4)  Workflow  automations to automatically  update  status  of contacts, send  notifications, create tasks  based on actions taken  by the customer online. 


Marketing Automation 

1) Turn  your website  into an automated  lead generation tool to  get new  customers.  -  Webforms , Landing pages, chatbot campaigns. 

2) Automate  email Journey campaigns to nuture leads  at scale to   surface  hot leads  that  are  ready to  speak  to a sales  agent  .


Sales Automation 

1) Automate  following up  on  leads  using  sales sequences  feature -  so  no  leads falls through the cracks and  move  prospects through the sales pipeline faster. 

2) Artificial intelligence deal  insights   tells your  best deals that have a higher  probability  to  close faster .  So you can focus  where to spend your time.

3) Automate the updating of the  deal  stages through the different  deal stages  of the  sales  pipeline. To  better monitor the  performance of sales agents. 

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