Organic Search

The most  cost effective  way to  attract  quality  prospects  to your website is  through  search  engines  such as  Google .  The  prospect  types in what they  are looking for in the Google search bar and websites and  links related to the search  are  displayed.  Once  your website is on the first page of the results  there is a 92% chance they  will click  into  your  website. In this  case  you did not  pay  to get ranked on the first page,  it was free and this is called Organic Search .       

Getting to  rank  on the first page  does not  happen  automatically ,  Google  search  engine  ranks  your  website  using an algorithm based on  factors  that changes regularly  -  some of the main factors are  1)  Domain  Authority  2)   Links  from  other websites   3)  website  traffic .  Read More...

Hence,  when  building  your website  you must consider the design  and  content  you want to become an  authority in  and  ensure the website is  optimized  to  get on the  first page ranking  certain  marketing platforms  have tools to ensure  your website is optimized and  adjusts  according to  Googles  changing  algorithm.   In  addition to optimizing  your website, having a website  blog   is  very  important  in  increasing your ranking  to  gain  authority  in a given topic or area .  Blogs  are like adding new  pages to your website  and  the  search engines  like  Google is looking for new content.  Certain platforms have  Blog tools  to  help you  select  popular  topics  prospects are searching for so  you can reach audiences  relevant to your topic


Social Media Publishing

Publishing on social  media should include posts from your Blog and include a call to action that  directs the prospect to a  landing page on your website so the prospect can register  and provide an  email  , name  and other  information to convert  to a lead.  Some platforms allow  you to easily  create  CTA ( offers ) ,Landing pages  and easily  copy  posts from  your website  blog to  social  media  posts.  Using  one platform  to mange posting  allows  you to  track which social media sites  are converting the most prospects.


Paid Internet Advertising

There are other  means of attracting   prospects  to your website using  paid internet  advertising.  You  can  advertise and invest in  1) search  advertising  such  as  Google Ads,  to ensure you get on the  first page  of  a  search results   2)   advertising  on other high traffic websites  in the form  of banner ads   3)  social  media  sites  such as Facebook  and  Instagram.

However,  you must must  ensure  the target  audience  is selected  carefully  and  measure  the  conversion  of prospects  to  leads  that  will provide their email and other information , then  track which  leads  will convert to  a purchase by  an email  campaign .   Measuring conversion  (some  platforms  offer  - Attribution  reports )  allows  you can  review the  return on your Internet  advertising investment  - Example : What  social  media  site  gave me the best  Return  on Investment   Facebook or Google  Ads ?  How  much  sales did  we generate  and by  whom ?

How do we measure Paid Internet Advertising campaigns?

In  order to  measure your paid  advertising  investment  and track which customers  responded  to an  internet paid  advertisement , it is  a good idea to  consider one platform to  collect  all  digital  campaign  channels  that  tie back to  a  customer or  lead  in your  customer database.  Having one tool to  measure this  allows you to see  the ROI  by   lead or  customer .

So far  we have  discussed three different  ways  of  attracting quality  prospects  to  your website, HubSpot  platform has the tools to  manage most of the  features  described  in  Organics Search ,  Social  Media  Publishing  and  Paid  advertising .

Our next  Blog  will talk more on  website and  website Blog  optimization.


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