CRM custom integration services

$ 50.00

US$ / Hour   


Cost based on the Integration  project .


CRM software  at  times needs to  integrate to  your existing  software systems to prevent  the  support  agents  from  switching from  one system  to the next  in order to   get the information quickly  and efficiently  to  customers  providing  a better customer experience .   Integrations  also  allows your company  to  provide  customer  self service  by getting  access  to their own accounts  through the website  customer portal  or other  front end  channels such as  chatbots.  Finally integrations  allow  your  contacts to be updated  and synced so  all  systems  Accounting system    & CRM  system  the  contact  database have the same  contacts.

It  should be noted  CRM systems  in their marketplace app  already have  Integrations available  for  select  software  systems  so no needs for  custom integrations .

We  can  help  guide you  with  CRM integration with  your systems.









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