Customer list cleaning

$ 100.00

US$/ 1,000 names

(Minimum  1,000 names)

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Customer  list  cleaning service 

Why is this important ?

  1.  An outdated or  Incorrect customer  list  could negatively affect  your customer relationship.
  2.   Wasted  advertising  dollars  on  undeliverable  email , mail  etc..
  3. The  return on  investment  of  Digital marketing campaigns  will be  negatively impacted.

Service  includes  correcting :

  • Incorrect  spelling  of first Names  and last names
  • Incorrect  titles    Example :   Mr.   , Mrs. , Dr ,  Ms.
  • Incomplete  addresses  – No  number  of street,    no  street  address
  • incorrect  phone numbers
  • incorrect email  addresses.
  • Additional  cost for  phone calling to verify  key  customer.



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