Report Development

$ 50.00

Total  cost   US$ / Hour 

(Minimum  3 hours)

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The  problem  : 

  1. Does your company  collect alot of  product, customer,  stock  and sales representative  data  but never use it to prepare periodic  reports that  compare  over time ?
  2. Is your  IT department  unable to  prepare  reports on a timely  basis ?
  3. Are your managers unable  to  prepare  reports because they  don’t have the  tools  or  don’t  know how  to  extract data ?

Then  you are  probably  making  decisions  based on emotion and gut feeling, rather than facts.

Solution :   Why  not  contract  out   the  Data Mining and  report preparation .  

We  can  provide  you this information  on a timely  basis  using  business Intelligence  and data mining  tools  to  help  you .

The  service  includes :

  1. Transform  and append  data  from multiple  data files.
  2. Can create business intelligence  dashboards  based  from  data provided in spreadsheets ,  csv files or  dbf  files.
  3. Reports  in  excel  spread sheets .




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