Set up and manage digital marketing campaigns using CRM software

$ 395.00

$US/ Month 

(Minimum 3 months )


 Basic  service  contract  Includes :

  1. Manage and set up digital marketing campaigns and provide analytics  reports on the digital  campaigns.
  2. Updating  your  Website  content  for website pages and E commerce  products.
  3. Configure CRM software to  connect  to your  website,  email ,  and internet  advertising  accounts (Example  Facebook , Linked in,  Google Ads).
  4. Configure  CRM software  platform  to  integrates  the  three  functions  -Marketing  , Sales and customer service.

It  does not include  additional  costs:

  • Artwork  costs  for  any  digital media  production ( artwork , videos, copy )..
  • Additional  software   cost  for   plugins  to  your website  for  integration  with other  programs. Example  E-commerce stores  and  payment  plugins like Paypal.
  • Additional  management fees based in the  size and complexity  of the website .

Requirement :  Website  must be built with WordPress.


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