Website Development

$ 500.00

$US  dollars   

Starting from basic website


We can  set up  simple  websites  developed on Word press  the leading  website  development  tool and  more advanced website  features connecting to Hubspot .

Basic website  – $ US 500 

  1. Designed for  mobile ( cell phones),  tablets  and desktop .
  2. We use  existing  templates  that  can  then  be customized , so your website  can be online quickly and at an affordable  cost .

Advanced website  features  ( Quote to be  provided)    

  1. E commerce store  – Buy  products  or services  from  your website.
  2. Manage all your digital  marketing  campaigns  all from  one platform Hubspot by  connecting  your  website,  social media accounts ,  E commerce  store  to  Hubspot.
  3. Digital  marketing automation  –  automatic  triggered emails  to follow up  after a customer  filled a shopping card and exited without  purchasing. Using  a chatbot to  get  leads.

Additional costs not included  on all website development.  

  • Cost of  artwork  production  (artwork , videos ,  copy ).
  • Hubspot  annual subscriptions  for advanced features.










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