Our  Purpose

To grow our clients business using inbound methodology, principles and software to deliver helpful and human customer service, so customers are nurtured into customer advocates and promote our clients business.

"Growth by word of mouth."

Our Story

Direct mediums Limited  has always  identified the  need for more targeted  and cost  effective marketing  programs for our clients . In  2003,  DML introduced the first  co operative third  party  direct mail programs ,  and  two years  later  introduced the first targeted co -operative  door drop  mailer program  in Trinidad and Tobago .  Advertisers started to  move away  from traditional media - television, newspaper and radio   towards  the internet  to search for customers.  DML will continue to  introduce  targeted solutions  and will evolve  as new mediums and technology develop in the future.

"Putting  you  at the center of our business"

With  many digital agencies around, it is hard to find those that are truly data driven and have the methodology and technology  to  deliver personalized, one to one programs, that engage clients customers in a helpful and human way. Many larger established  agencies don't put you at the center of their business.  Smaller agencies like  Direct Mediums Limited  provide more personalized attention and deliver true Omnichannel experiences  using the "Inbound Approach" .


Colin Woo

Managing Director 

"A passion to delight customers and grow brands "

 General Management and Marketing  professional  that held executive positions  locally and regionally  in the retail , import and distribution industry responsible  for growing local and global brands such as Lucozade,  Haier, Hi-Lo, Courts , Chubby and  Kappa Drugs .

Certified by the Direct Marketing Association as a Direct Marketing Professional  with  Omnichannel  Certification .  Inbound Marketing Certification from leading inbound marketing platforms.

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Next Steps...

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