Prices Quoted 
(subject to change are estimates)


Cloud Software   

Software  plans  are paid  by the user  monthly or annually.  The  range of the plans can  vary from   Free  , low end  $US15 / month/ user to  US$   99/  user  perm month .

Addons  (  additional features )  vary  according to feature-  below  are variations Example.

  • By the annual licence unlimited users
  • By the # of additional marketing contacts
  • By the # of additional  chat bot sessions.

Onboarding Plans  

Onboarding plans include configuration of the  cloud software and training.

Standard plans take  3 weeks  to  8 weeks  and  have  fixed rates and  deliverables  and range from  US $ 1,500 and  over. 

Custom  plans  - based  on  the  requirements. 


Integrations  consist of  two  components  -One time  development  costs and recurring  annual or monthly costs for  hosting of  temporary data that will  ported to  CRM system.  Cost is generally on a  hourly  basis for  development .    US$50 / Hour 

Chat bot development

This is based on the  complexity of the chatbot  and integrations with other systems.   Quoted in   US$ 50/ Hour  

Digital marketing campaign managment  (using CRM software) 

$US  395/Month   (Minimum 3 months contract )

Website development

$US 500 Starting  cost  for basic website. 

  • Designed for  mobile ( cell phones),  tablets  and desktop . 
  • We use  existing  templates  that  can  then  be customized , so your website  can be online quickly and at an affordable  cost . 

Additional costs not included  on all website development.

  • Cost of  artwork  production  (artwork , videos ,  copy ). 
  • Additional  software  for advanced  features .
  • CRM  subscriptions annual subscriptions  for advanced features. 

Customer  list  cleaning service  

$US  100/ 1,000 names

(Minimum  1,000 names) 

Data Mining to prepare reports 

$US   50 / hr  (Minimum  3 hours) 





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