We  offer  Business  development  services  to  help you grow your Export  Sales  to the  Caribbean  region  or  Domestic sales in Trinidad  & Tobago . We offer  Lead  generation  for  customers and  potential  distributors ,  sales  broker  commission  services  and  sourcing  products.

In  addition , we can  help your organization  by providing  professional  services  to  help  you  set up the  systems and procedures  for the  Sales , Marketing and  Customer  support  departments  using  automation and  AI  tools for  efficient and effective  delivery of business  development.


Export/Import market development Services


Export  consultancy  services   -   Provide  assistance  when  looking to  export  your products to the  Caribbean  Regions. 

Sourcing agent     -  We can  help you source products  globally.

Export  /Import  Sales Commission broker  -  We can  identify  potential customers and  distributors  in  regional  export markets  within the Caribbean  or if  you  are importing  we can  help you sell to  prospective   domestic  customers

Landed imported costing  -     Do you need to  set up a spreadsheet  template to work out the estimated landed costs of a shipment  of products  you are imported  into you  home  country .    Later you will also  have to   work  out the actual  landed  actual costs  to set  final  selling  prices . We can  help you set this up . 

Setting  Export selling prices     -   Do you need a spreadsheet  template  to work out  what export selling price  you should  sent to ensure  when  goods are landed in the export market  it will be competitive  at the retail  price  relative to the competitive  brands  we  can  help  set this  up .   


Sales force management services

Develop a  credit control  system to manage your customers credit limits  and terms that  will increase sales and  manage your  cashflow  -  Do you need  help  to manage your customers  charge  accounts . We can  help .   

Sales  incentives  program  development  -   Are you having  problems structuring a  sales incentive program that  motivates your sales staff but at the same time  a  program  that  your company can afford.   We can help.    

Pricing  strategy  -    Are you having  problems setting prices  given the volatility of the cost of your goods and the  competitive  prices being offered by your competition .  We  can help  you develop an  effective  pricing strategy. 



Digital Marketing (Lead generation )

Develop  marketing plans  and  Advertising and  promotion  budgets  -  Do you need  help you  put together a marketing plan  as part of your business plan  that can be used to guide your business .

Develop  Business  plans   -  Do you need  help you  put together a business plan required by the banks  to get  access to  finance .  We can  help .   

Content  Production  for  lead generation  -  E  Learning  Course  content  for  webinars ,  Ebooks  ,   Social  media  content  that can  attract quality  leads  online .  

Website development -We can  set up  simple  websites  developed on Word press  the leading  website  development  tool , using  templates  to get you up faster and  at a more  affordable cost.     

Advanced features like setting up an customer registrations,  Ecommerce  store, dynamic websites that  content  changes  according to the registered  customer visiting  can  also  be  developed.

List  cleaning  services - We  help you consolidate your contact list from marketing , sales and service departments. This will eliminate  duplicates contacts  and  exclude  incomplete and inaccurate customer contacts.

Data Mining - We  can  extract data  in streadsheet or csv formats of your data to create  sales analysis reports  that can be tablular or  graphical to see  Customer  trends  and Identify  growth  opportunities .


Customer Support Services

Customer  support  system and metrics  development  -  Do you need to measure  how  your customer support representatives are  delivering  service to  your customers . We  can  help .   

Customer  support   Omnichannel  reporting  -   Are you having difficulty  consolidating  a single  report  on all the customer support channels  ( chat , phone , email  , website   )   because  you are using several  independent  apps, so  you are unable to  see how  you are  delivering  support across all  channels.  We  can  help .   

Customer support  Ticketing  system    -    Do your support  representatives  lose  track of all the customer complaints and  queries  .  We  can  help.


Sales & Inventory variance Analysis

Sales analysis  - We  develop variance analysis reports  using  business intelligence software tools  so you can easily  see the variance  analysis  month  to month and  identify  were  sales are increasing  or decreasing  and  take  corrective  action.

Suggested  order  analysis  -  We develop order suggestion  report based on  stock on hand and historical  sales using   business intelligence tools, so you  will  order the  right amount .

inventory  analysis  - We  develop sales and  stock reports  with  business intelligence tools,  so you can identify  what  products are  you are overstocked and those that you are  running  out of stock .


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