Export Price Setting for a shipment of products – Spreadsheet template

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(Instruction guide with videos included with the excel  spreadsheet template.)




Setting the  Export selling  prices  for products  shipped in  a  20ft , 40  foot or less than a container  to  an  Export market customer  can be challenging.     Not to  worry  we have  a spreadsheet  template  that  can  make it easy for you. 

The spreadsheet  considers  the  following :

  1. The  costs  related to  shipping to  the export market  in  US $ Currency .  This applies to  a shipment of  a single  or  multiple  products on a 20ft , 40 ft or  Less than Container shipment .   
  2. The  costs related to  landing and clearing goods in the export market ( Local  duties,  export  market local  currency exchange rates  etc.)  and   transporting  to  your  destination  warehouse  in the export market 
  3. The   distributor  Markup ,  Retailer markup  and   VAT the end consumer pays. 
  4. The  retail  price you would like to set  relative to   competitive brands eg.  5-%  below a competing   product .

The  result  –  Once you set your  export  market  retail  price  is set , the spreadsheet will calculate the  FOB US$   source  country  you would have to sell to the exporter to  retail at the desired  retail  price.   It  will also  indicate how much  profit you the exporter  will  make  at the calculated   Export  selling price.





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