Importing goods to ensure price competitive – Spreadsheet template

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Estimating  the retail  price you can  sell at in your home market  for products  you  imported  in a 20 foot container , 40 foot container or less than a container can be challenging.    

Not to worry we have a spreadsheet template that can make it easy for you. 

The spreadsheet considers the following :

  1. The  landed costs related to importing  a shipment you purchased  in any foreign Currency.  This spreadsheet can be applied to a shipment of  a single  or  multiple  products  in a 20 ft , 40 ft or  Less than container shipment.
  1. The  costs related to  landing and clearing goods in  your home  market to get  goods to your  warehouse . Costs such as  local  Import duties,  brokerage fees,  handling costs , local market  currency exchange rates , transport costs  and all other related landed  costs.
  1. The  Distributor  markup ,  Retailer markup  and  VAT the end consumer pays.
  1. The  retail price you would end up  retailing at relative to  competitive brands.

The  result  :

Once you enter the   purchase price  from  your overseas supplier in the foreign  currency  you pay them , your  retail  price  you  will sell at in your home market  will be  automatically calculated  to  compare  to competing brands.  At this point  if you are not competitive  you can  negotiate the  purchase price from the overseas supplier or work with lower markup  to become competitive.   It  will  help you to evaluate  which  products  are feasible to import.


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